Why become a partner with Printer Joe?

Grab the chance to reach more customers.

Your transactions will also be a lot more convenient. No more USB flash drives, no more long lines and waiting at your print shop.

What are the printing fees on Printer Joe?

You get to choose your own pricing! Set your own printing fees, and also the shipping and payment method fees (if applicable).

Do I need to handle both pick-ups and deliveries?

That is completely up to you. You can opt to just enable pick-up, for example if you own a busy Internet cafe. You can also just support delivery if preferable.

I operate an Internet cafe. What if I just want customers to be able to upload their documents so we don’t have to use USB flash drives?

No problem! Just add “Pick-up” as a shipping method.

I want to support deliveries. How will this work?

Book pick-up and delivery with couriers like Lalamove, Grab Express, or another similar service.

Will you withhold our earnings?

Customers pay you directly so that you can receive your earnings immediately. You can set your payment methods in your printer partner profile.

How exactly does Printer Joe work?
  1. Customer searches for printer partners servicing their area.
  2. Customer selects a printer partner and makes the order. They upload their PDF file and specify how many copies they need, then set print options such paper size, color mode, print quality, and paper grade. We notify you via email if you were the one selected.
  3. You can review the order that the customer placed for your print shop. You may also contact the customer through their mobile phone number or email address for clarifications or issues.
  4. You then have the option to accept or reject the order.
  5. If you accepted the order, the customer is notified and they may now pay you. Once done, the customer indicates that they have paid.
  6. Verify the payment, and then update the status of the order so that the customer is informed.
  7. You may proceed to print the order.
  8. If the order is for delivery, you can ship the order. Update the status of the order to let the customer know that the order is on its way. If the order is for pickup, update the status to let the customer know that they may now drop by your print shop.
How much will it cost me to use Printer Joe?

No hidden fees.

2 months after you sign up, we will charge you the small platform fee of 4% of the order subtotal AFTER you verify payment for an order. Shipping fee and payment method fee are not included.

For example, let’s say you accept an order with:

  • Printing fee – PHP 100
  • Plastic envelope add-on – PHP 30
  • Shipping fee – PHP 120
  • Payment method fee – PHP 15

We will only charge you 4% of PHP 130, which is PHP 5.20.

If you do not receive an order through Printer Joe, there is no fee.

How do I pay the platform fee?

After your trial period, you cannot ACCEPT an order when you do not have enough

Printer Joe balance to cover the platform fee. Top up using GCash, PayMaya, credit card, or Paypal.

Then, when you have verified that you have received payment for the order, the platform fee will be deducted from your balance.

We decided to do it this way to save time for both you and our staff. The platform fee is low, and we want to minimize the admin cost of processing payments.

What is the minimum amount I can top up?

You can top up as little as PHP 100.

Can I withdraw my balance?

Yes, you can withdraw your balance.

How do I join?

Sign up as printer partner and create your printer profile. Set your printing fees, available add-ons, modes of payment, pick-up/shipping methods, and serviced areas.