What is Printer Joe?

Printer Joe is platform that connects customers with printer partners who provide on-demand document printing services.

How does Printer Joe work?
  1. Search for a printer partner servicing your area.
  2. Create a user account and submit your print request. You will be asked to upload your file, specify how many copies you need, and set print options such paper size, color mode, print quality, and paper grade.
  3. Send payment for your order to the printer partner, including any payment method fee or shipping fee that may apply.
  4. Wait for your printout to be delivered to you. If you chose pick-up, wait for the printer partner to indicate that your printout is ready before going to their shop.
  5. Don’t forget to rate the printer partner when your order is complete.
How much does Printer Joe charge?

We do not charge customers, but we charge printer partners a minimal fee.

Will the customer and the printer partner be able to contact each other?


You can view the contact details of the printer partner on their printer partner profile.

Once you have placed an order with a printer partner, the printer partner will be able to see your mobile phone number or your email address.

Can we see the rates of the services offered on Printer Joe?

Printer partners set their own pricing, including shipping fees and payment method fees charged when you order from them. You can see these rates on their profile page.

What services can printer partners offer on Printer Joe?

We are constantly working on making Printer Joe better.

Currently, printer partners can offer only document printing on the website, but we will soon allow other print media such as business cards, photos, and tarpaulins.

What happens to files I upload?

One week after you have completed your order, your uploaded file will be automatically deleted from the Printer Joe platform.

Third-party printer partners are granted limited license to possess, store, and print these uploaded documents. For more information, kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Can orders be cancelled?

All orders booked through the platform are final. If you wish to cancel but your order is already complete or on its way to your delivery address, you may still be liable pay both the printer partner and the delivery service provider.

Further details on cancellation provisions can be found in our Terms and Conditions.